Goodbye Lecce

28 Mar

We are headed home early from Lecce. This is not what we planned. We expected to be here for three months. But reality intervened.

I think you all know our planning for our adventure starts almost a year before we are to travel. We identify potential locations (This is one of my favorite phases…the dream.) research the geography and the climate and narrow them down to one or two. We also start early to find a place to live for three months, a very different quest than a one or two week stay. Then we explore the unique culture and special character of the place we are looking to discover. Finally, we chose our place.

The process has worked for us for ten years. But, even with all of the planning, unexpected events intervene. And so, we are going home.

You can tell from our posts we have enjoyed Lecce and will miss the chance to visit the towns and villages of Puglia. Traveling with all of you, your enthusiasm and your thoughtful comments are a essential part of our trip. We will miss you all. Thanks for being with us.

Arrivederci amici,

Jill and Dana