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The Unexpected

18 Feb


Unexpectedly our dogs Fantan and Trolley needed us in Santa Fe. We are now home after a Valentine’s Day 7-hour layover in Houston. We ate twice…once in a nice restaurant…well as nice as they come in an airport…and once in a sport’s bar. Also I ate two packages of M&Ms.

But we are home now and all is well on the canine front. The sun is shining and temps are forecast to be 65 degrees today. Though we do miss that plunge pool and lime tree.

Watch for next year’s Medflies trip. So far we have researched Sintra, Portugal; Montevideo, Uruguay; Nelson, New Zealand; Naxaar, Malta and Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Have you ever known anyone who went to Malta? to Cuba? Have you been? Please write us and give us the benefit of your experience for our 2017 adventure.

Thank you dear readers for traveling with us and sharing Merida. See you in 2017.