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Goodbye Valparaiso, Hello Santa Fe

31 Mar


Valparaiso is a place that wraps itself around your heart like a flowering vine. The sound of a fog horn, the gritty streets, the music in the air, the couples kissing passionately on the street corners, the sound of dogs barking, the ships of all shapes and sizes in the Bay, the rickety funiculars, the crowded trolley busses, the smells of the Central Market, the kiss on the cheek at greeting a friend and the art anywhere you look.  These are some of our memories of this place of small raptures.

And now, to home…New Mexico, our beloved land of azure skies and starry nights, of coyotes and red rocks, of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Pecos River. A place where quiet settles like a dark blanket and the air is pure and clear.

We have been given the gift of getting to know Siracusa, Cape Town, Adelaide and Valparaiso from the point-of-view of people who love it as their home.  They have shared their favorite places, foods, drinks, flowers, birds and friends. We are grateful for their open-hearted sharing. We got the chance to visit where others seldom do.

We will miss you dear readers. You have been an essential part of our trip. Seeing through your eyes helped us see more than we ever would have as just we two.

Ciao with love, Dana and Jill