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Goodbye Sicily, Hello South Africa

29 Jun

We are leaving Sicily with wonderful memories of this island and its people. We have climbed Greek and Roman ruins, sat by the Ionian Sea, visited villages all over southeastern Sicily, smelled jasmine and oleander on the soft sea breezes, eaten heavenly Sicilian pizzas and seafood, pasta, fresh bread, extraordinary hard and soft cheeses, fabulous olives and olive oil, sweet almonds and the best tomato sauce and tomatoes we have ever tasted.

We have walked miles around Siracusa, seen live performances at the Greek Theater, watched, laughed and applauded a Sicilian puppet show, seen Archimedes fountain sparkling in the morning sun in Ortigia and we have met the sweetest, warmest people.  We have loved our time in Sicily.

And we are on to South Africa. We fly out on Friday, June 29 and arrive on Saturday June 30, a 22 hour trip through Rome and Istanbul to Cape Town. Once we arrive, we will settle in Fish Hoek, about 30 minutes from Cape Town. We will be driving on the other side of the car and the other side of the road so we have decided to take it easy and wait a week before we go exploring in the Cape Town area and practice driving in Fish Hoek. While we are in transition there will be a break in posting on Medflies.


We will be settling in and setting up our computer and net connection our first week in Cape Town.  We were loaned a computer here in Siracusa (thank you Gigliola) and will need to rent one in South Africa. [For those of you who wonder, the tablet has been problematic when writing the blog. It has not been able to maintain a net connection here in Siracusa. This may change in South Africa.] It should take us about a week to be back with Medflies. Then we will be posting regularly as we have in Sicily.

Thanks to all of you for following us on our journey.  See you in South Africa.