Islamic Gardens

24 Sep

For many travelers, Sevilla is synonymous with The Alcazar. But the Alcazar in Sevilla is just the biggest of many alcazars in Spain. We also visited the Alcazar in Cordoba. Each alcazar is a palace and gardens built by the Moors during the Muslim rule.

The Islamic gardens of an alcazar have three essential elements; flowing water, abundant shade and exuberant foliage designed to give spiritual and physical refreshment.The Alcazar in Cordoba has one such garden characterized by successive pools and fountains.

It is not only the coolness and serenity of the pools but the soothing sound created when fountains feed the pools below.


Geometric forms mark garden “rooms” and refine movement of visitors through the garden.


The original mudejar garden in Cordoba was changed when Christian kings conquered the Moors to rule Spain. In the 15th century Isabella and Ferdinand made Cordoba their primary residence. Sculptures exalting both monarchs and their welcoming of Columbus back from the New World were added to the earlier Islamic garden.


We saw the Cordoba garden at dusk. Sitting among the pools in the cooling evening and twilight restored us.






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  1. Leah September 30, 2018 at 8:02 pm #

    so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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