Pizza Perez

27 Apr

Dana found Pizza Perez a five minute walk from our house in Siricusa.  It is, unbelievably, what we call a “one dollar sign” restaurant….meaning it is very “affordable.”  Our theory is that if the food is good you are delirious at the great price and if the food is bad, it didn’t cost that much.  Pizza Perez was a revelation.

The building was made from two shipping containers.  The interior doors are 15 foot slabs of wood that slide into the adjacent walls.  But the best is the graphics. Everything is painted white except for the giant black and white zebra on one wall and a beautiful grid of colored dots on the opposite wall.  Turns out it is the menu expressed graphically.  Each dot is a different pizza ingredient so you can “see” the myiad combinations using the key on the adjacent wall. Belissima!

So enough about the graphics, how was the food?  As you can see from the photo

…pretty darn good. The photo with the green dots decorating the plate is eggplant bruchetta.By the way the service and the food presentation is what you would expect from a three-dollar-sign restaurant. The eggplant was tender and infused with the flavor of the sauce.  Dana was not shy in mopping up all of the plate decoration with the tiny pizza of salt and garlic that came on the side. Wonderful.

Pears, Brandy & ProsciuttoOur main course was a brandy and pears pizza with prosciutto.  Yum.

Dessert PizzaOur dessert was even a pizza that was like an apple tart with orange sherbet.

After all this, I thought our waiter Francisco, who did not speak a lick of English, wore a scarf and had a tatooed thumb, offered us grapes for a finish. It turned out he offered us grappa and we got two.  You could get stinkin’ drunk on the fumes coming off  the tiny little minaret of a glass. We each had two sips and that was it for grappa. We are going back and back and back to Pizza Perez.

One Response to “Pizza Perez”

  1. leslieandfamily April 27, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    Your entry inspired me to look up the history of pizza. Wikipedia proved to be a quick and easy wealth of information. It says that pizza first began as the street food for the poor people of Naples. To honor the tradition, you are still supposed to be able to buy pizza wrapped in paper from street vendors today. I must say that Sicillian pizza sounds much more interesting – looking forward to the pics. I think I’ll go eat lunch now! Ciao, Leslie

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