11 Jun
Bougainvillea in a Mediterranean climate

Bougainvillea in a Mediterranean climate

We were talking with our son Darin this week and he asked us why we named the blog, “MedFlies?”  He pointed out that we would only be near the Mediterranean Sea for three months. What about the rest of the trip?

But the Mediterranean in our MEDflies title represents the Mediterranean climate. All of the places we are visiting sit in the same latitude north or south of the equator.  They enjoy mild, temperate weather all year round with lots of sunshine and a modicum of precipitation.

We lived in Santa Barbara, California for twelve years and have a fondness for the flora, fauna and weather that this climate brings. We wanted to see the other four Mediterranean climate zones of the world and how they differ in cultural development. When climate is a constant what is the effect on culture?

So we are Flyers to the Mediterranean climates…MedFlies. What do you think of the name MedFlies for the blog? Other suggestions? We would love to hear your ideas.  Send us a comment

2 Responses to “MedFlies”

  1. Maryl June 14, 2012 at 4:04 am #

    I was wondering what the name meant. Thanks Darin for asking. Now it makes perfect sense.

    As long as you asked for some suggestions, how about a blog title of “Fourplay”…since your will be going to four different places and playing and enjoying yourself in each place (double entendre intended).

    Love reading the blog, seeing the pix and watching my tan turn a few shades of green.

    Ciao until the next time,
    Love, Maryl & Rich

    • jill54321 June 14, 2012 at 4:40 am #

      Hi Maryl:
      So happy you responded to our question. Your suggestion is quite risque but very complimentary for two people who are getting into museums free because they are over 65. (I am cheating of course.) We have just realized how close Malta is and are thinking of taking the ferry over for a couple of days. If we do it will be in the blog. Glad you are enjoying it. I am having so much fun writing it. J

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