Down to Quintay

19 Feb

DSC05900We went down south to Quintay. It’s a little fishing village and summer vacation spot where the seafood is fresh and good.

Whales were winched up the ramp on right for processing.

Whales were winched up the ramp on right for processing.

Quintay used to be a whaling village. The fishermen here brought in blue whales the size of three buses end-to-end with hearts as big as Minis. I know this from the illustrations in the whaling museum that is in the old processing plant. The whaling industry peaked in the early 1960s then died out. Now the site is a museum and a college for the study of marine ecology.

DSC05914We had lunch, local fish of course, with an appetizer of fresh calamari, sitting on the porch of a restaurant that looks out to sea. The temperature was a perfect 75 with a light cooling breeze.

DSC05910Kids were surfing into and around the rocks on short buggy boards.  They didn’t seem to be bothered by the obstacle course. Though the surfers had on wet suits, people were in swimming.

DSC05912There is a utilitarian light house to lead  the fishing boats home on foggy mornings.

DSC05919Whenever we go to visit a village like this, I wonder what it would be like to live the end of the road. I saw a little girl looking for her kitty under the front steps of her house and tried to imagine growing up in Quintay.  Though she may have to leave here , I am sure this place will never leave her heart.


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