Parque de la Candeleria

12 Feb


The pocket parks in Mexico are kind of an extension of the home. Homes are small here and the weather is hot and humid. The park trees give welcome shade during the day and the nights in the open air are intoxicating.


The Parque de la Candeleria is around the corner from Casa Hipil, our hotel in Valadolid. We walked through it everyday in our goings and comings to and from other places. It was never empty. There was always some event happening or just the regular life of the park passing through a day.
DSC01301For one holy day, masses were held in the park all day, one after another. Every gathering, every chair was filled and people were standing to attend.


At night there are dance events. On one of our trips through a chorus of little girls were practicing a folk dance with much giggling and gymnastics between dance steps. Another night was a carnival with carts of churros and ice cream for sale. Again a crowd filled the park, talking in groups and a few dancing.DSC01192

The color, the sound, the smell and people intimately connecting with each other in a public place warms my heart.


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