By the Sea

23 Apr

By the sea, by the sea,

By the beautiful sea,

You and me, you and me

Oh how happy we’ll be.

We took a boat ride around the bays surrounding Valletta. More than ever before we understood how the past, the present and the future live side-by-side here.

The juxtapositions of ancient fortifications, high-rise apartments, elegant sailboats, cargo silos, baroque domes, cruise ships, harbor jetties, city beaches, historic lighthouses and tiny sunfish sailboats were dizzying. And it is a sobering reminder of how the Malteze live in one place with many perspectives…historic, futuristic, strategic, artistic, maritime, touristic, anthropological, local, global, folkloric and industrial. My hope is that you can feel this through the stunning contrasts in Dana’s photos. Come ride with us on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

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