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Goodbye Hoi An

14 Feb

How fitting that I am writing this on Valentine’s Day. The love affair ended before it had barely begun. It was the wrong time but the right place.

Our trip to Vietnam disappeared with the arrival of Coronavirus in Southeast Asia. We spent the last few weeks assiduously researching and checking daily reports from a variety of international information sources (some in Vietnamese, some in Taiwanese) on the spread of the virus.

Finally, reluctantly and with considered caution we cancelled the trip.

As you may imagine we are deeply disappointed and missing this beautiful place we have never seen. But our adventures begin way before we arrive at our destination. They start with the first image of a new place in a new part of the world, a place we may never have heard of before. Dreaming, talking to other travellers, researching on the net, finding the place we will live for two months, buying the tickets, all are part of the excitement, the adventure.

Now, after a couple of days, we’re rallying. We’re thinking about next year, about Marrakesh, or Lisbon, or Brisbane…a new continent, a new language, a new culture are all waiting. And we want you to be there with us.

Here’s to 2021!