The Proverbial Carrot

13 Jan
Carrots of different colors

Carrots of different colors

Remember the horse of a different color? Here it is the carrots that dazzle.

The Santa Barbara Farmers Market is held every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning downtown. The colors change in the early morning or late evening sun.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

The flowers are from the greenhouses and fields of neighboring Carpenteria and dirt cheap…the colors brilliant. The market is redolent with their scents combined with sweet fruit, olive oil, beeswax and lavender.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Orchids...Buy 1, get 1 Free

Orchids…Buy 1, get 1 Free

If the colors of the market in Sicily were antique reds, golds and greens, the colors of Santa Barbara are yellows, oranges, pinks and purples.  The fruit glows. The flowers call out to you.


Persimmons and Grapefruit

Persimmons and Grapefruit

And in the way of California, the bounty is big, healthy and very robust.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental Cabbage

We walk to the market every Tuesday and Saturday and take the electric bus back home to De La Vina up State Street. On the way I dip into the bag to eat the fresh strawberries red and juicy, picked that morning in the nearby fields.

4 Responses to “The Proverbial Carrot”

  1. neilfreer January 16, 2014 at 7:23 am #

    But but but but the Fukushima radiation is already affecting the fruits and veggies of CA??!!!!

    • Jill January 16, 2014 at 2:23 pm #

      You could never tell when you are eating one…

  2. Paul Mabarrack January 13, 2014 at 9:37 pm #

    Dear Jill and Dana. Your zest is a joy. I’m putting this market on my list of places to see. Adelaide is 42 Celsius all week….not so much Mediterranean, as Sahara.

    • Jill January 13, 2014 at 10:34 pm #

      Hi Paul: So good to hear from you. Hope you and Jill are well and there are new tango partners in the Casa. I have delivery of my Wild West vacation planning for you in my mind but unless you can read that medium, I think I must commit it to email.

      We only have a variation of 10 or so degrees each day from 62 to 72 Celsius…mighty nice. We think and speak of you both and Adelaide often. Cheers, Jill

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