The Spanish Inquisition

10 Sep

Millions of words have been written about the Spanish Inquisition, a three century purge of Muslims and Jews judged by the Catholic tribunals to be “insincere” in their religious worship. I saw something that tempered the need for so much written detail.

These are the stone stalls where Sevilla’s itinerant inquisitors stabled their donkeys. The solitary clerics departed from these stables to judge those accused in hundreds of villages throughout the countryside surrounding Sevilla.

The stolid, quotidian nature of these stalls is in such contrast to the ultimate mission of the journeys begun here. The inquisitor would leave a room smelling of grain and manure to travel along the same roads the accused used to daily market.

For over 300 years people were harshly judged and some condemned in these small town trials. The ultimate massacre…150,000 judged, 5000 condemned.

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